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Secure Server Access with SSH Key without Password

You have access to many different Linux / Unix servers during the day, you are in the IT department, remembering passwords, both challenging and brings  security concerns. Inevitably, people start using the same or similar passwords after a while. Then… Continue Reading →

iPad Mini in CAR

CAR PC in car is now old fashion and I decided to mount an iPad mini into the dashboard.

Using WinSCP .NET Wrapper with Host Key Switcher – C#.NET

I haven’t been writing to my blog for a long time. Last week I’ve used  .NET wrapper for a project. Usage of .NET wrapper written for WinSCP is very easy and there is a good documentation on that. So I… Continue Reading →

Get the Source and Display your Favorite Youtube Videos using C#.Net

If you want to integrate your youtube videos to your C#.Net windows based application, we don’t need to know about youtube sdk or google api. When I see that google api is not very easy to handle, I needed to… Continue Reading →

To Connect to your iPhone via Veency

If you search in Google for the keywords like remote desktop to iphone, remote to iphone etc.. usually you get lots of results about remote desktop application to your computer from your iphone. But the opposite of this application is… Continue Reading →

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