CAR PC in car is now old fashion and I decided to mount an iPad mini into the dashboard.


  1. Power Consumption (No need for any inverter or something to power it!)
  2. Embeded Battery (No issue for use with ignition off)
  3. Fast Boot Time (No need to wait for Windows Boot)
  4. Easy User Interface with capable of touch screen.
  5. Multitouch support with capacitive screen capabilities.
  6. Less expense with embeded GPS, 3G, Bluetooth, Siri, etc.

Dashboard Stuff

First I started to search on google on how to find a way of mounting iPad mini into my dashboard. It should be mountable so I can use it at home also. I found a web-store ( and bought one there. Also there is a placement for lightning port plug.


Then I started to work on that mount kit to fit to my Citroen C4 dashboard:






For fitting that mount kit properly later, I decided to make putty in Car. I used epoxy putty because of its flexibility and durability.


Electrics&Electronics Stuff

At this point I paused working on body stuff and began to work on electrics&electronics. We need to main things:

  1. Charging iPad mini.
  2. Getting sound from iPad mini lightning port.

1. Charging iPad mini:

For charging iPad you need 5V 2A. I tried going using 7805 IC but I did not have time to build a proper circuit for it. As a result I faced with heating problems.At the end I disassembled a car charger and used it.

2. Getting sound from lightning port:

I used a pre-assebled 30-pin dock connector pinout board. I just soldered the proper pins for sound output.

The biggest problem is it is easy to get sound from 30 pin, but it is not from lightning port. It is possible to achieve that by using original apple 30 pin to lightning converter.


As seen as below, sound output is connected between 3.5 mm jack on pinout board and radio aux input. And via USB plug, it is charged thru car charger.


Lightning Connector

I used silicon gun for fixing the lightning connector to mount kit.


Body Work

We have functionality but now it needs a bit cosmetics. To fill the left and right side of mount kit, I used cardboard and applied epoxy putty on it.


After lots of sandpaper, I applied polyester putty to obtain a glossy surface.


Then I used gray acrylic primer.


I used glossy black paint after applying primer.


And and and after lots of sandpaper work, I used such oily polish for glossy finish.


After polish ..


After fitted to car dashboard;