If you search in Google for the keywords like remote desktop to iphone, remote to iphone etc.. usually you get lots of results about remote desktop application to your computer from your iphone. What about connect to your iphone with another iphone? The IT men usually work with VNC and it is possible to make connection to iphones that jailbroken too. Connect yo your iphone via Veency.. that’s all!

The Cydia link is given by; http://cydia.saurik.com/info/veency/

After you installed the application to your iphone, go to settings menu in your iphone. Then choose the “Veency”.

In Veency Menu you will find “Enabled”, “Show Cursor” and “Password” options.

Enabled  ==> on / off  (In “on” mood it is enabled)

Show Cursor ==> on/off (when connected to your phone, you show mouse cursor on your phone or not)

Password ==> It is the password while you’re connecting to your iphone. If you choose blank password, when you try to connect to your iphone, it’s gonna be appeared a dialog that get your permission to start the connection.

Because of VNC protocol, your connection won’t be very fast. Especially your screen transition effects will be delayed in your remote connection. But I cannot see any performance reduce in my iphone. In iphone 4, because of the screen resolution is very high, it is slower than older iphones. Still to connect to your iphone via Veency is useful.

By wi-fi local connection, or by nat configuration via wide area network, or vpn connnection to your local network, you can easily connect to your iphone via remote.

By using your 3G data connection again you can easily connect to your iphone. Just use your public data network ip address from your pc.