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Using WinSCP .NET Wrapper with Host Key Switcher – C#.NET

I haven’t been writing to my blog for a long time. Last week I’ve used  .NET wrapper for a project. Usage of .NET wrapper written for WinSCP is very easy and there is a good documentation on that. So I… Continue Reading →

To Control your mobile phone by AT Commands via Bluetooth (C#.NET)

Bluetooth is an easy way of transferring data and this wireless interface fully supports serial connection. This capability gives us the usage of bluetooth communcation for serial connection to a modem device. Modem devices can be controller via serial connection… Continue Reading →

Get OBD2 Data via ELM327 C#.NET

According to me, the most cool part of a CARPC is where you get OBD2 data to your touch screen interface. It is really cool. I wrote about the protocol called VAN in another article. OBD2 is the way to… Continue Reading →

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